Ejari – is the landlord or the tenant responsible?

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jonathan 315 Rep. Sultanat answered

Who is obliged to do the Ejari registration? Does the landlord have to do it or the tenant. And who should bear the costs?



Jon Richards 917 Rep. Jon Richards answered

My landlord takes care of it at the moment but previous landlords have made me do it.

If a landlord is asking you to do it you could always push the real estate agent to deal with it since they seem to do little else

    Sultanat 2.11K Rep. Sultanat answered

    The tenant has to do the Ejari registration and bear the costs.

      mrtompaye 267 Rep. mrtompaye answered

      When I moved last year, we found that the tenant was supposed to be responsible for setting up Ejari, but the landlord is responsible for cancelling Ejari once the tenancy contract expires. Unfortunately, in the interests of just getting it done quickly, we ended up paying for the cancellation of the previous tenant’s Ejari, too!

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