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I was thinking about buying a house here in the UAE, I am an expat from the UK and wondering if it is possible for me to receive a mortgage from a bank out here even though I am not a UAE national.



jonathan 315 Rep. jonathan answered

It is absolutely possible for an expat  to get a mortgage in the UAE. There are a whole range of mortgage products that may be of interest to you – best of all you can compare them easily here: http://yallacompare.com/mortgages/

    leader01 30 Rep. leader01 answered

    Yes you can do it, for expats the downpayment is set to 35% .

      yallacompare 62 Rep. yallacompare answered

      The deposit for expats is 25% and 15% for UAE nationals.

      The deposit was increased a number of years ago after the global financial crisis. The move was designed to reduce the number of people taking mortgages they couldn’t afford. This at the time was considered odd as more than 75% of property transactions were cash…

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