Mitsubushi Pajero

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What are your thoughts on the Pajero? You can pick up a second hand one for great value. Here is what our yallacompare review team had to say about it:

The Mitsubishi Pajero is something of a legend in these parts. And with good reason. It’s powerful, it’s comfortable, it’s great off-road, and it’s extremely well-priced. Even brand new, you can pick one up starting at AED 89,900, and that’ll get you a 3.5-litre engine, a very capable four-wheel-drive system, and most of the safety and convenience gadgetry you can reasonably expect from a modern car at that price point.

Naturally, if you want to spend more, you can. That AED 89,900 is enough for the base model with three doors, but if you’re willing to increase your budget, the Pajero is available as a full-sized, five-door family SUV with a 3.8-litre engine and luxury trimmings like leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity and satellite navigation. And you’ll still be paying less for that than you would for an equivalent Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Because of its good pricing, and because of its capabilities as an all-round family car and a desert-dwelling dune basher, it’s little wonder that the Pajero one of the UAE’s most popular cars. As you may have noticed, there are loads of them here. And though they’re very reasonably priced brand new, they look even better on the second-hand market, which is flooded with used Pajeros.

Indeed, the current one has basically remained the same since 2008 – this means that there’s a good eight years’ worth of second-hand models that are almost as good as the new car. And if you’re interested, there are plenty of older models, too – the cheapest one we’ve seen on is a 1999 model and it goes for AED 6,500.

But before you get any ideas about taking advantage of a deal like that, be sure to consult our buyer’s guide for second-hand Pajeros. It could save you a lot pain in the long run.



Natalie 21 Rep. Tom edited answer

It’s a bit of a classic expat mum car, if I had 2 kids and was doing the school run every day I would probably consider getting one. But otherwise I don’t need an 7 seat car.

    ahmad 6 Rep. Tom edited answer

    I like the car, it’s spacious, good offroad and a comfortable drive.

    Picked up mine a few years ago and haven’t looked back since

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