Sending money from UAE bank to UK bank

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Jon Richards 917 Rep. Sultanat edited question

Can anyone recomend a company that offers money transfer services? Need the best rate and low transfer fees.

I’d really like to do the transfer online so if we could stick to money transfer services that offer online transactions that would be great



mrtompaye 267 Rep. mrtompaye answered

A service I really like is Moneycorp, but it’s only good if the transfer isn’t urgent. Basically, you create an account online and transfer the cash you want to exchange to it. You then leave it in your online account until the exchange rate works in your favour. If, say, you want to change GBP to AED, you can throw a bunch of GBP online, and then wait until the pound bounces back above AED 5. It’ll let you target an exchange rate, and then notify you when the market has hit that target. Then it’s a simple case of exporting the cash – at that rate – to your other bank account. Fees aren’t the lowest, but you still end up saving just by getting the best exchange rates.

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