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Dan 70 Rep. Samr24498862 answered

Where are some nice holiday destinations I could go from Dubai that aren’t to much of a trek away?



Samr24498862 73 Rep. Samr24498862 answered

Salalah in Oman,Kandy city in Sri Lanka,

    Nisha Patel 371 Rep. Nisha Patel edited answer

    Check these places..Georgia, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Istanbul.. all within 4-5 hrs from Dubai.

      Jon Richards 917 Rep. Jon Richards answered

      I’ll be off to the Maldives this month, 4 hours to get to Male and a 30 minute boat ride.

      Greece is also one to look at which is under 5 hours and obviously filled with history and culture.

      Lastly, dont rule out local travel; Jordan and Lebanon have history, culture and loads to do for every type of traveler. Levant is quite a bit cooler than the UAE so great to escape the heat in the summers months.

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