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Dan 70 Rep. Samr24498862 answered

Where are some nice holiday destinations I could go from Dubai that aren’t to much of a trek away?



Nisha Patel 371 Rep. Nisha Patel edited answer

Check these places..Georgia, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Istanbul.. all within 4-5 hrs from Dubai.

    Samr24498862 73 Rep. Samr24498862 answered

    Salalah in Oman,Kandy city in Sri Lanka,

      Jon Richards 917 Rep. Jon Richards answered

      I’ll be off to the Maldives this month, 4 hours to get to Male and a 30 minute boat ride.

      Greece is also one to look at which is under 5 hours and obviously filled with history and culture.

      Lastly, dont rule out local travel; Jordan and Lebanon have history, culture and loads to do for every type of traveler. Levant is quite a bit cooler than the UAE so great to escape the heat in the summers months.

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