Tell us your top tips for saving money in Dubai

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Residents of Dubai, we need your help!!

As with any city, residents in Dubai waste far too much money on things they dont need and save far too little.

A survey carried out by yallacompare suggested 30% of UAE residents dont save a single dirham….

To solve this we want your top tips for saving money in the UAE…

  • It could be stopping the posh coffees in favour of the free office coffee.
  • Maybe you started shopping at a new supermarket which is cheaper then others.
  • Maybe you moved credit card balance from one credit card to another and saved thousands of dirhams a year.
  • Maybe you moved house.
  • Maybe you started using the free beaches rather than paying for hotel access.
  • or maybe, just maybe you stopped buying organic fruit and started taking home the odd apple from the office… (we’ve all done it..)

Whether you saved AED10 or AED10,000, we want to hear about it!

Register, share your money saving tips and wait for the votes..

If your get the highest votes on our forum you’ll win a AED 300 voucher for MOE!



Samr24498862 73 Rep. elliemartin1 edited answer

-Dream big and talk about them often. If you have a vision on mind, you tend to take action today that which is necessary to move towards that dream. If you have a dreams of becoming rich, you will save responsibly today. -If you are a frequent traveler, look for a credit card which allows you to rack up air-miles which you can redeem against free tickets and other privileges. When you are buying a flight ticket look for options and compare prices. -Timely servicing of your car ensures its running smoothly and reduces maintenance costs too. Ignoring oil change and cleaning air filters can slowly deteriorate your car’s health leading to unnecessary repair expenses. -Etisalat and Du offer different kinds of internet packages. First of all, determine your internet requirements. If you are a normal browser, you don’t need a high speed internet package. – Going to a gym can be costly in UAE. You can substitute it with jogging in a park or doing ground exercises at home.

    laith4 143 Rep. elliemartin1 edited answer

    I believe out of sight, out of mind. I’d suggest opening a savings account and moving portions of your wages straight in there through a direct debit (Be realistic with the amount you put in there each month). This way you won’t end up spending money you want to save if you don’t have instant access to it.

      elliemartin1 3.67K Rep. elliemartin1 edited answer
      • Record your expenses so you can account every penny. This will make you justify your purchases and ideally show you where to cut out unnecessary spending.
      • Try using cash instead of card. It’s a known fact, people are more reluctant to hand over cash than a credit card.
      • Choose something to save for and remind yourself regularly. It’s pointless trying to save money for no reason and will lead to you spending the little savings you have. Create goals and it will help you stick to them.
        Nisha Patel 371 Rep. elliemartin1 edited answer

        One of the ways I saved (not much.. but was a starting) was to switch to a good cash back credit card. I try and do all my purchases on the same card and have ended up saving almost 2000 AED/year.

          kanwal27 31 Rep. elliemartin1 edited answer

          *Look for a living space which consumes only a 50% of your income, spend 30% on bills and other consumptions, rest 20% SAVE.

          *Keep one credit card at a time. The more the credit cards, the more is the urge to spend on movies and restaurants.

          *Use installment plans to make partial payments from your salary, thus saving money each month would be easier and without any compromise.

          * More usage of Coupons/Vouchers will help save a large amount of money.

          *Budgeting is an important factor.

          *Avoid expensive coffee shops, as there are many options of coffee/tea on a cheaper price.

          *Make use of websites like Zomato, which help you preplan your dinner/lunch by checking out the menu in advance.

          *Get involved in Group committees which will help to obtain an amount of money on yearly basis other than your income.

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