TGI Thursdays?

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mohammednaman 1 Rep. elliemartin1 answered

This is probs the most ridiculous question you’ll ever get asked but why is it TGI Fridays and not thursdays haha. Many thx x



elliemartin1 3.67K Rep. elliemartin1 answered

I’m going to assume it’s because it’s an American Restaurant and they begin the weekend’s on a Friday HAHA!

    Sultanat 2.11K Rep. Sultanat answered

    TGI Fridays is asserted to stand for “Thanks God It’s Friday”.

    According to the myth, Alan Stillman thought up the name TGI Fridays™ while he was skiing with his friend, when feeling furious because his friend had defeated him, he screamed out “Thank Goodness it’s Friday!” Till then the restaurant had no name and he decided to name it like this.

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