The iPhone 7

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yallacompare 62 Rep. Radhika answered

Do you think the iPhone 7 is a gadget that you need?


See the thoughts of Tom Paye (yallacompare editor) here:



fadi 8 Rep. Tom edited answer

I think the iPhone 7 will prove to be a great product. I am really excited that it is now waterproof!

    Hussain 7 Rep. Tom edited answer

    @fadi I personally disagree, I feel like in th last 3 years apple have barely changed the iphone they are merely re-branding and re-releasing. Removing the iPhone jack is just another way to squeeze more money out of the customer.

      Natalie 21 Rep. Tom edited answer

      I think its going to be great I love the pink colour <3

        Tom 1.09K Rep. Tom edited answer

        I think its a solid step forward for Apple, I can’t wait to try out the AirPods (wireless headphones)

          Dan 70 Rep. Dan answered



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