The iPhone 7

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yallacompare 62 Rep. Radhika answered

Do you think the iPhone 7 is a gadget that you need?


See the thoughts of Tom Paye (yallacompare editor) here:



pvpatel 6 Rep. Tom edited answer

I’m waiting for the iPhone 8, on the 10th anniversary of the iphone apple are bound to do something special. You can barely notice the difference between a 6s and a 7

    Radhika 155 Rep. Radhika answered

    This one has the headphone jack for those who prefer fancy phones that haven’t fixed it if it ain’t broke!

      Dan 70 Rep. Dan answered


        Tom 1.09K Rep. Tom edited answer

        I think its a solid step forward for Apple, I can’t wait to try out the AirPods (wireless headphones)

          Natalie 21 Rep. Tom edited answer

          I think its going to be great I love the pink colour <3

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