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yallacompare 62 Rep. Tom edited question

Does anyone have any experience of long term travelling? How do you budget for a trip? All inclusive or build your own? Let us know!

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pvpatel 6 Rep. Tom edited answer

I always check to see if the flights can be bought cheaper with 2 single tickets, occasionally you will get a cheaper deal that way

    Tom 1.09K Rep. Tom edited answer

    ALWAYS book your flights in advance. The earlier the better as prices will always be cheaper then.

      archana 7 Rep. Tom edited answer

      Pick one airline and stick to it. If you are a frequent flyer then only flying with one airline means you are able to save a large number of airmiles and put them to good use with upgrades or free flights. Earning lots of miles can also make you climb the airline tier system and make the chances of being upgraded even higher and on top of that you get access to business lounges.

        ahmad 6 Rep. Tom edited answer

        Asking for a priority bag tag is always something I find makes travelling that bit easier as you will normally get your bags off the plane that bit quicker

          Radhika 155 Rep. Tom edited answer

          If you have been searching different airlines or websites for deals to a particular destination using your browser for a few days, use incognito/private mode on your browser with location services disabled on your device to find lower prices!

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