Which car to Buy out of Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, Audi

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Hussain Fakhruddin 80 Rep. Hussain Fakhruddin answered


I’m planning to buy a new car which one would you recommend and why?

  • Jaguar XF 2.0 T
  • BMW 5 Series 528i
  • Audi A6 35 FSI Quattro
  • Mercedes E250




denhamste 63 Rep. denhamste answered

Jaguar- Just because its a “Jaguar ;)”

    Jon Richards 917 Rep. Jon Richards answered

    Buy the Jag!

    I have to have the XF SV8 and it was amazing! Gorgeous interior and amazing engine! Audi A6 is second for me

      mrtompaye 267 Rep. mrtompaye answered

      Capability-wise, they’re all relatively similar. You might find the Jag is more comfortable, or that the BMW is slightly more engaging to drive, but they’re all along the same lines. So basically it comes down to personal preference – which do you most like the styling of, and which would you most like to be seen in?

        Jon Richards 917 Rep. Jon Richards answered

        @mrtompaye ‍ has some good points‍. Ultimately all you need to know is that the Jag is the gentleman’s choice! And also the choice of movie villains…

          mrtompaye 267 Rep. mrtompaye answered

          @jonrich ‍ Haha the Jag does have that baddie appeal! And out of these four options, it’s definitely the coolest.

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