Need some inspiration to help set some 2016 Financial Goals? Team compareit4me reveal theirs


January is the perfect time to make some resolutions and to kick any bad habits you picked up the previous year. It’s also a great time to set yourself some financial goals, especially as we assume your bank balance isn’t looking too pretty after a fun festive season.

To help you get some inspiration, members of team compareit4me have shared their financial resolution/goals for 2016…and also revealed how their 2015 money saving goals went.

Read the below, get a list of your own goals together and then go ahead and spend 2016 smashing them!

Ahmed Hibri, Sales Manager

To deal with the living costs in Dubai, Ahmed set himself a goal in 2015 to cut down on spending. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t go so well, so he’s set new goals for this year. “I want to place down payments on a house… and hopefully buy my wife the Chanel bag she was expecting on her birthday last year, which was one of my 105 unachieved financial goals.”

Toshita Chauhan, Senior Sales Manager

Toshita’s 2015 goal was to keep her hands off her savings account, it partially worked for her and she was able to buy a car and have money for a holiday. For 2016, her goal is to “save up enough money to put down payment on a house, and go on at least three international holidays.” She’s also keen to “control money spent on shopping and book travel in advance to get the best deals.”

Harshada Shetty, Account Manager

Harshada made a 2015 financial resolution, but sadly it went a bit wrong. “I achieved half of it, the other half went wrong due to unexpected expenses from April to September making the situation tight for me to save money.” She admitted most of her money went into buying a new apartment and travelling to Europe. However, Harshada didn’t give up and she’s made another resolution for 2016: “I want to put more into savings account so I can invest in a property back in India by the end of December 2016.”

Abdullah Ojjeh, Digital Campaign Manager

Abdullah told us that his aim for 2015 was to save up some money, but he couldn’t achieve his goal because he left his old job to join compareit4me and took him time to adapt to the new situation. A big part of his monthly salary also went on hangouts and a lot of “Shisha”! But he has made a 2016 financial resolution and promised himself he would work hard on achieving it: “I’m planning on saving up money and putting it into my savings account to benefit from later on.”

 Hadeel Mohammed, Marketing Researcher

Hadeel was close to achieving her 2015 financial goal “one of my goals was to save money. In fact, I did, then I lost my job and my savings…” However, she hasn’t let that put her off and has set new goals to work on in 2016. “I’m aiming to pay my tuition fees for my Master’s Degree, and go on few vacations… around two or three locations maybe.”


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