Rents in Doha are 10th most expensive in the world, confirms new report


Doha has been named the world’s 10th most expensive city to rent a house, putting it ahead of global capitals such as Singapore, Zurich and Washington DC. This is according to a newly released index by Numbeo.

Claiming to be the world’s largest database of user-contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, the index calculates rankings based on a range of costs, including rentals, groceries, travel and eating out. It uses figures from New York City (NYC), which has been given a base score of 100, as a benchmark.

The cost of living in Doha was found to be equivalent to 73% of the same costs in NYC. According to the report, rents in Doha account for more than 52% of an average residents expenses per month, with the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the capital rising by 233% in five years – from $726 (QR2,645) in 2010 to the current average of $2,422.

Meanwhile, rents three-bedroom apartments have more than doubled in price since 2010, from an average $2,101 (QR7,650) to $4,354.

As for the rest of the GCC region, only two other cities – both from the United Arab Emirates – make it into the top 20 world’s most expensive cities to rent a house, and these are Dubai (14) and Abu Dhabi (18).

Below is the full top 20 list.

Top 20 World’s Most Expensive Cities: Rent Index

1) Monaco, Monaco – 247.08

2) Luanda, Angola -133.83

3) San Francisco, CA, United States – 108.81

4) Hamilton, Bermuda – 108.27

5) New York, NY, United States – 100

6) Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – 98.82

7) Hong Kong, Hong Kong – 88.58

8) Kowloon, Hong Kong – 85.99

9) London, United Kingdom – 84.6

10) Doha, Qatar – 75.87

11) San Jose, CA, United States – 73.18

12) Boston, MA, United States – 72.38

13) Brooklyn, NY, United States – 72.27

14) Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 72.09

15) Singapore, Singapore – 71.26

16) Geneva, Switzerland – 70.15

17) Zurich, Switzerland – 68.62

18) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 66.4

19) Zug, Switzerland – 65.25

20) Washington, DC, United States – 64.04

Meanwhile, according to Numbeo’s latest mid-year 2015 Cost of Living Index, Doha is also the most expensive city in the region over all, ranking at 205 globally. It is followed by Dubai, Saudi Arabia’s Ad Dammam, and Beirut in Lebanon.

These all rank behind other major expat hotspots, including Aberdeen (15); London (18); New York (20) and Singapore (53).

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the Region

205) Doha, Qatar

212) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

232) Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia

236) Beirut, Lebanon

262) Irbil, Iraq

269) Bahrain, Bahrain

278) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

280) Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

283) Muscat, Oman

285) Amman, Jordan

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