3 tips to make flying easier


Travelling can be a real pain. Flight delays, jet lag and losing your luggage, these are just some of the things which can go wrong and end up ruining a holiday before it has really begun.

Make yourself a priority

Asking for a priority bag tag is a great, free way to improve your airport efficiency. It reduces the chance of your baggage being lost and normally gets it off the plane and back to you quicker. This is a real stress-saver and you can fly knowing your bags have the best chance of getting to your destination and that your journey out of the airport would be as quick as possible.

Hydration is key

Although it seems like a very basic point making sure you are properly hydrated is an easy way to make that long haul flight that bit more bearable. Aim to drink 200ml of water for every hour you are in the air. The air in an aeroplane is very dry, drinking a good amount of water will help stop you feeling groggy and tired post flight.

Ensure immigration is an easy task

Using a service like Marhaba to escort you through the airport upon arrival can be a huge timesaver. You will be met coming off the plane and taken via golf buggy straight to passport control and placed in a special queue which very rarely has many others in it and you will be through in no time. At the best of times this service can save you 2 hours of waiting in line and even if it isn’t overly busy you will still be through first and make your way out of the airport efficiently.

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