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4 ways to enjoy the winter season in Dubai


Dubai has been raised up from the sand into a metropolitan city that houses the world’s tallest skyscraper, spectacular fountains, and thousands of luxury brands. But the popular tourist traps aren’t the only things in Dubai worth enjoying. Winter in Dubai comes with its own slew of adventures.

Al Dhafra Festival

Ever thought there could be such a thing as a camel beauty contest? Add to that the fact that it is completely free and open to tourists, and you get to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience without paying a dime.

Every December, the Western Region city of Madinat Zayad holds this festival celebrating the Bedouin culture just outside city limits. Celebratory traditional events such as date packing, falconry, Saluki racing, camel racing, and the centrepiece event – the Camel Mazayna – are held.

Enjoy this colourful festival while taking a stroll down the traditional souq, children’s village, as you sip on traditional teas to drown your weariness.

Desert Skiing

Dubai is known to be a sprawling desert city. However, thanks to Ski Dubai, it now has 22,500 meters of an indoor ski area, that has been created inside the Mall of Emirates. If you are missing your winter-skiing sessions in the middle of the desert, you needn’t wait to get to Switzerland to enjoy the snow. You can do it right there within the city.

Desert Safari

Live life the Emirati style as you spend a day on a desert safari while dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing, and camel riding. It is one of the most romantic adventures a couple can take in a desert. It is also an activity no tourist should miss. Finish off your day with some sunset photography and delectable barbecue. If you choose the right time, you may even be able to indulge in some sensuous belly dance performance while sipping on a Shisha of your choice.

Winter Festival

Being a city in the middle of a tropical desert, winters are a luxury in Dubai. The city celebrates it by throwing a winter festival. Eight years and running, this festival has a variety of fun events, especially aimed at children. It also marks the beginning of Christmas celebrations in the city. Various conglomerates such as food and apparel companies use this festival to showcase their yearly goods. It is a shopper’s paradise. It will be located at the Dubai Marina Mall on the 18th of December,

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