5 budgeting apps to download in 2020



We are moving towards a world where the number of financial transactions we make are increasing day by day. We have lost our capability to mentally manage the transactions we get involved in on a daily basis. Thankfully, we are also in an era where there are plenty of solutions to make your life simpler. One such solution is a budgeting app that provides you with a real-time update of your transactions on the go.

We have made your life simpler by listing the top 5 budgeting apps currently available for you to download and manage your expenses.


This easily takes the top spot in our list owing to the myriad of benefits it offers and most importantly, it is free. Some of the features it provides are automatically updating and categorizing the transactions, thereby rendering a holistic view of your spending at any time of the day. It also lets you track bills, split the transactions or even set the budgets to receive an alert when you exceed it. They also provide you with free credit scores and credit score monitoring.


You Need a Budget is another top-notch budgeting app, albeit at a cost. It costs $84 a year or $11.99 a month. But they give you the flexibility to try out the app in the form of a long 34-day trial period. They also give a 12 month free period for students. The cost is justified as features such as connecting bank accounts, setting financial goals, free workshops are worth the cost you pay for this.


This is another app that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as it is completely free. This app focuses on the core concept of budgeting – ‘how much do I have for spending’. PocketGuard helps you by accounting for your spending and calculate how much money you have to pay your bills or any other financial goals you have set.


Though a paid app, this app is a real value for money. It is based on an “envelope system” which is nothing but allocating a part of your income towards every spending category or envelope. This app also lets you connect with multiple devices to ensure your entire family can be involved in your budgeting. The only downside of this app is that you can’t sync your bank account and thus have to update your bank balance manually. There is also a free version that limits the devices and the categories you can work with. The paid version costs only $6 per month or $50 per annum.

Personal Capital 

The last app in the list, Personal Capital, is ideal for investors. The app is perfect for tracking your net worth and your portfolio. You can connect your savings and credit card accounts or even your mortgages and loans. This app is also free.

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