5 easy ways to save money

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Not being able to afford to do something you want because of money is annoying for us all, these 5 extremely easy changes could help get you out of that situation!

1. Move banks to take advantage of perks and interest rates

Changing bank account can come with a whole host of benefits. From 2 for 1 cinema tickets to air mile bonuses and free golf days. You can use our website to look through and find which banks offer the best deals for you!

2. Stop collecting and start selling

Just a quick look in your storage cupboard and you will find items you no longer need or even want. Sorting through these and selling what you can, will clear out space in your home and earn you some extra cash!

3. Avoid off the cuff purchases

Rather than buying something you like straight away wait a week and then see if you still want it. Generally, you won’t have desire to buy it anymore and you can put your money towards items you will really value.

4. Write a shopping list – and stick to it

This builds on the previous point, taking a list out with you will help you avoid buying items you don’t need. If you do see an extra item you consider buying think about why you are getting it and how it will benefit you and then make your decision to buy it or leave it.

5. Have friends over instead of going out

Inviting friends round for food and asking people to bring different bits will save the cost of expensive nights out. It will also mean you have to prepare just one piece of food as everyone will be contributing.

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