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6 Elite Credit Cards To Help You Live The High Life

Elite Credit Cards UAE

Many people come to the UAE for better jobs and higher salaries. And where there’s increased wealth, there’s greater opportunity to live the high life.

The UAE credit card industry has witnessed significant and steady growth over the past few years, and UAE banks have especially seen success in pushing their premium credit cards.

These can be incredibly tempting if you fall into the category where you earn at least AED 20,000 a month. However, while you may not have to watch the pennies as much, your plastic still needs to suit your needs and make the most of your money.

Most premium credit cards require a minimum salary of AED 20,000. The higher the salary you earn, the better the benefits will be with your card. The card will also ensure that your hard-earned cash doesn’t go to waste – so long as you keep on top of the repayments.

Here are the elite cards in the UAE worth considering.

Citibank – Emirates Citibank Ultimate Credit Card

This card from Citibank requires a monthly salary of at least AED 18,000 and comes with a relatively low annual fee of AED 800.

If you’re a frequent traveller then you’ll probably find this card is right up your street. Like most credit cards in the UAE, this card offers great Skyward Miles. You can earn up to 1.25 miles on every USD spent using the card. And the more you spend using the card, the better the rewards will be – like free flight upgrades.

It’s not only travel benefits that comes with the card. It also comes with lifestyle and golf benefits. You can use your card for four buy-one-get-one-free complimentary move tickets at any VOX cinemas each month on any day of the week.

And if you enjoy playing golf, or want to start learning then this card will help you. Citibank Ultimate offers free golf sessions once a month at some of the leading golf courses in the UAE.

RAKBANK – HighFlyer Platinum Credit Card

For this card there is no annual fee, but the minimum salary requirement is AED 20,000. And just like the name suggests, the HighFlyer Platinum card is for customers that live the high life.

It comes with benefits in not just travel, but also it offers you worldwide rewards, benefits, discounts and privileges.

And if you like to dine out regularly then you have the choice of 220 restaurants and shopping outlets across the UAE where you can use RAKfeast Dining Discount programme.

Another great benefit when you use the card is that you can live free for a whole year (yes you read that right). If you spend using your credit card then you could be with a chance to win great prizes such as a year’s rent, your child’s school fees, a new car and all your petrol paid for along with shopping and utility bills. And you only have to spend AED 200 to be entered in the draw. There’s a draw every two months and up to 21 winners each time, so there’s no excuse not to participate.

ADIB – Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card

According to ADIB’s website, the Etihad Guest Visa Platinum card gives you more air miles than any travel card in the region. ADIB claims it could help you earn up to 50,000 Etihad Guest Miles – which is enough for a return trip from Abu Dhabi to the Seychelles, Athens or Moscow. And with every purchase you make using this card you will earn up to three miles for every AED 4 spent.

If that benefit didn’t sway you enough to consider the card then this reward should. If you spend AED 150,000 or more in one year, you will receive a free Companion Ticket voucher to fly on Etihad Airways. Not only that but you will get a ticket to any destination in the world, and you can travel in any class.

American Express – Gold Credit Card

We couldn’t write about premium credit cards without mentioning American Express. For the Gold credit card, the minimum salary is AED 20,000 and the annual fee is AED 395.

With this card you have access to the Membership Rewards Programme, airport lounges across the Middle East and exclusive offers from American Express Select.

The Membership Rewards programme allows you to earn one membership point on every USD 1 spent. The most important thing is that the points never expire. So you can keep building them up for as long as you want and you’ll never have to worry about them disappearing. With the programme you can get complimentary upgrades and flights from Emirates, Etihad Airways and British Airways, and gift cards and shopping vouchers for Harrods and And you can even receive a complimentary hotel stay at any Hilton, Jumeirah and SPG hotel.

Citibank – Citibank Prestige credit card                                                          

The monthly salary for this card is set slightly higher at AED 30,000 and the annual fee is AED 1,500. But the benefits definitely match the lifestyle.

The Citi Prestige credit card allows you to earn up to three ThankYou Points on your card and redeem them for flights, seat upgrades and hotel stays, or alternatively for a variety of merchandise or memorable experiences and lifestyle rewards.

Similar to the Citibank Ultimate credit card, you will still get four VOX cinema tickets, golf lessons and airport access to over 750 lounges worldwide. And on top of that, if you book a four-consecutive-night booking using the Citi Prestige concierge service, you’ll get the fourth night free.

NBF – Platinum Exclusive Credit Card

Although the minimum salary is way below AED 20,000, that doesn’t mean that the Platinum Exclusive card scrimps on benefits. The asking minimum salary for this card is AED 9,000 with no annual fee.

If you’re a fan of cashback credit cards, then this one is for you. You can get up to 2% cashback on all retail purchases, plus 60% cashback on any movie tickets across all cinemas in Dubai. There are flexible payment options, low finance charges and there are always exciting monthly promotions when you use the card.

The card also provides you membership for VIP airport lounges around the world plus plenty of lifestyle benefits to go along with it. It’s such a good card, that yallacompare’s users recently awarded it the “All-Rounder Credit Card of 2017’.

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