6 packing tips to make travelling easier

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The hot UAE summer is fast-approaching, meaning you’ll want to be heading on holiday sometime soon.

But trying to pack for the holidays is always stressful. The weather can be unpredictable, so somehow you end up over-packing. Trying to fit everything in one suitcase can be difficult, and you need to remember all the airport restrictions.

With than in mind, AirWayBill, a peer-to-peer travelling app that helps travellers ship items anywhere in the world has come up with six tips to make the process of packing that little bit easier. Here’s what you need to know.

The packing list

It might seem mundane, but starting off with a list of all the items you want to pack can help you get organised. In fact, it forces you to think about what is necessary, versus what is nice to have. Preparation is always key.

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Pack well

When packing, it makes sense to use the space in the suitcase wisely and correctly. If packing a razor or anything that can potentially ruin clothes, use an oversized binder clip to cover the razor. This will prevent any unforeseen incidents from happening; you don’t want to open your case and find your favourite top with holes in it. Be sure to place jewellery in safe, possibly locked containers. And always keep valuables such as cash, your passport or mobile phone on your person. If there are delicate items like an expensive silk scarf or tie, get a zip-lock clear plastic bag from the supermarket and get them sealed and protected.

Know the rules

Always make sure you read about security procedures at the airport you’ll be travelling to and from. What are the liquid/gel allowances? Do they need to be packed in a clear, sealable plastic bag? What about the duty-free allowance? The answers to these questions can usually vary from destination to destination, and having prohibited items packed can cause some major delays. Be sure to research the rules; this will help you save on both space and money and all the hassle that comes with being stopped at the airport for things that shouldn’t have been packed or carried in the first place.

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Pack two-in-one items

One way you can stop over-packing is by packing multi-purpose clothes. Instead of taking several casual tops plus evening tops, try and find clothes that can be used for both occasions. For example, packing jeans that can be worn during the day for something casual, or dressed up for an evening out around town will be more practical. You can still value fashion but this allows you to be economical with money and space.

Roll, don’t fold

Avoid the burden of having to iron clothes after packing by rolling them. Make use of vacuum compression bags after rolling them to protect them further as well as save a little extra space.

 Fill empty spaces

This one is just common sense. However, don’t fill your suitcase for the sake of it; remember to keep the weight in check, too. There is no need to incur unnecessary baggage fees. An effective way to make the most of the space is to roll tops, socks or other small items into shoes or hats to make sure every little bit of space is utilised.

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