7 Tips that will help you lead a healthy and risk-free life post the pandemic

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You toil hard to earn money and fame. But most often, you do so at the cost of your health, and frail people are more prone to getting infected. Now is the best time to take health insurance if you haven’t already taken one. Talk to a physician and get a few tests done to determine the kind of risks you are exposed to and choose appropriate health insurance. While insurance cannot make you healthy, it can take away much of the pain in case anything goes wrong.

Create a Contingency Fund

Rarely do people put aside funds to handle an emergency. The pandemic has made it imperative. Ideally, you should keep three to six months’ income as liquid money. Doing so can help you to save yourself from costly loan options in case the need for it arises.

Go Digital

With the economy getting digital, you should do the same with the services that you avail. Be it bill payments, applying for schemes and policies, or ordering essentials, going digital can save you from unnecessary risks. Additionally, many service providers also offer discounts and cashback for transactions made on online platforms.

Think Long

Whether you invest in the stock markets, mutual funds, or bank deposits, now is the best time to think about long-term returns. With the world’s major economies still reeling from the damage caused by the pandemic, this is not the best time to expect huge returns in a short while. Choose systematic investment plans or long-term savings schemes to park money and keep a minimum five-years’ horizon.

Focus On Comprehensive Car Insurance

When life gets back to normalcy after the pandemic, we can expect accidents to shoot up. A comprehensive car insurance policy can make you virtually immune from the ill-effects of an unfortunate incident.

Secure Your Life

The pandemic showed us that misfortune does not discriminate between the poor and the rich. Life insurance is the best way to secure your and your family’s future. Check multiple lenders and choose an insurer not based on premium, but service quality and claim settlement record.

Be Frugal

Spend some time to analyze your monthly expenses and find out ways to curtail big-ticket spending. The money you save can add up to the corpus you have decided to put aside as the contingency fund.

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