Here’s Where The UAE’s Most Affordable Properties Are

Ajman cheap apartment UAE

Looking to rent an affordable apartment or villa in the UAE? Ajman is apparently the place to go.

Looking to rent an affordable apartment or villa in the UAE? Well, Ajman is the place to go.

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That’s according to data from Propertyfinder’s Trends report, which says that rents in Ajman are three times less expensive than average rents in Dubai.

Ajman is the UAE’s smallest emirate, located north of Sharjah. But travellers who live there can reach Dubai in around an hour, depending on traffic jams. This means that it could well be worth moving there to save some dirhams on rent if you’re up for a commute.

In fact, apartment prices in Ajman average around AED 30 per square foot, and it’s just AED 22 per square foot for villas. In comparison, in Sharjah, prices average around AED 34 per square foot for apartments and AED 24 per square foot for villas.

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And if you’re a property owner, Ajman looks good, too. Not only does it offer cheap rental for tenants, but it also has the highest rental yields for apartments in the UAE, with a world-leading 9.6% per year. That’s compared to 6.41% in Sharjah and 7.75% in Ras Al Khaimah, according to Propertyfinder figures.

Ajman is also becoming a more pleasant place to live. The emirate is expecting a wave of tourists in the next few years due to several attractions having opened there.


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