Bad Driving Habits that could be getting you into trouble


We’re all guilty of picking up a few bad driving habits throughout the years. We all know someone (or ourselves!) that leaves the house last minute and is always in a major rush, the talker who is always on the phone or sending a voice note whilst changing the music and parallel parking all at once, or the nervous wreck who is checking the rear view mirror every two seconds while stepping on the breaks every 3 seconds. We can all relate in some regard..  But just in case you are not sure or maybe you forgot, we’ve compiled this list to remind you because your safety is on our mind.

Tailgating – That’s a favorite on Sheikh Zayed Road, driving too close for comfort or safety to the car in front of you.  We’ve witnessed first hand how this bad habit can lead to horrific accidents.

Jumping Traffic Lights – No yellow does NOT mean go faster, it means slow down and stop. Drivers beware that there are pedestrians and cyclists on the street as well, not just oncoming traffic.

Texting and Driving – Studies have shown that texting while driving slows down the drivers response by 35% so it’s just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Don’t text and drive!

Not Using Turn Signals – We can’t read your mind.  How can other drivers on the road know where you’re going if you don’t tell them.

Not Checking Blind Spots – One of the most underestimated bad habits I believe because it leads to plenty of accidents.

Driving Too Fast or Too Slow – Balance is always the way to go in driving as in life.  Driving above the speed limit is one of the major reasons car accidents happen.  Driving below the speed limit on highways is also dangerous because it leads to sudden breaking.

Bad habits in the kitchen can make you a little chunky, bad habits on the road can lead to very serious accidents and injuries. Stay safe on the road.

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