The best small business opportunities in Dubai


About forty years ago, Dubai was nothing more than a small desert city. It had limited resources, finite capital, and an ill-equipped workforce. However, in the last four decades, the city has completely transformed itself. Today, it is home to tall buildings, multi-national corporations, state-of-the-art facilities, and world-class infrastructure.

This change has primarily been possible due to the fact that Dubai has been able to reinvent itself as a business-friendly city. With factors like varied tax incentives, easy visa regime, strong law & order, good transport network, stable exchange rate, and quick international connectivity to back up the city’s growth, Dubai has indeed turned into a haven for many domestic & global businesses.

If you too are planning to locate your venture in this highly sought after investment destination, here are a few small business opportunities that you can explore in Dubai by 2020.

Asset Evaluation 

With a number of businesses taking root in Dubai, the growth in asset evaluation companies has been exponential as well. These companies are essentially responsible for valuing a business’s assets like stocks, equipment, property, buildings, brand value, etc., so that investors can decide whether the evaluated business is worth their investment or not. At present, asset evaluation is one of the top-performing sectors in Dubai’s business landscape.

Vocational Training 

Most people who land on Dubai’s shores in search of a good job are either unequipped or under-equipped. Even if they hold foreign professional degrees, their vocational understanding has to be altered in order to suit the standards applicable in Dubai. This is precisely what a vocational training institute aims to accomplish. It prepares people to successfully navigate Dubai’s employment ecosystem while deriving the best monetary leverage for themselves.


To put it simply, Dubai is an extensively cosmopolitan city. People from a plethora of different countries take up residency in this metropolis, on a regular basis. This means that their requirement to find eateries that provide food items from their home country, is also huge. Therefore, by investing in a restaurant or catering business that specializes in Chinese, Thai, African, Indian or European cuisines, you could easily reap a lot of financial rewards.

Fashion & Beauty 

The business of fashion and beauty never really goes out of vogue, especially in an appearance-conscious city like Dubai. Ladies salons and fashion boutiques always remain a high profile industry owing to the presence of citizens, residents, and expats with a variety of ethnicities & backgrounds. However, before investing in a venture like this one, you would need to gather complete knowledge of various product lines, supply chains and latest trends.


Last but not least, you can even make investments in the booming transport sector of Dubai. Be it Dubai metro, public transport, personal vehicles, trucks or taxis – the city provides a number of business opportunities for people who are interested in logistics. For example, as a beginner, investing in a freight forwarding business that caters to the needs of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and consumers, can be a good place to start with.

In 2020, all the aforementioned sectors are most likely to witness a tremendous spurt of growth. So, if you have a small business proposition and you want to give it a fresh start in Dubai – now is the right time!


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