Revealed: The UAE Jobs That Will Pay Best In 2018

UAE jobs 2018

We all want a raise next year, right? But the likelihood of you getting one depends on the industry you’re in. And in the UAE, the best paid positions in 2018 are likely to be ones that focus on tax and technology.

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That’s according to the new Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide, anyway. And, if we’re honest, the conclusion makes sense. After all, businesses are scrambling to comply with the new value-added tax (VAT) laws as and when they’re introduced on January 1. And the UAE is quickly becoming a global technology hub, so it’s no surprise that technology leaders are in high demand.

Still, if you don’t work in either finance or technology, there’s no need to worry. According to Robert Half, there are plenty of other industries looking for skilled talent. Here are our top picks for the UAE jobs that will pay best in 2018.

Tax Manager

Yep, sounds weird in the Middle East, doesn’t it? But tax managers are in high demand right now, with large enterprises especially looking for them. According to Robert Half, tax managers at these organisations can expect annual salaries of anywhere between AED 338,000 and AED 518,000.

Financial planning and analysis director

Okay, this one’s sort of tied into the first one. VAT will obviously create a lot more financial strain on big companies in the short term. So big companies need financial planning executives to handle all of that. If that sounds like something you could do, you could earn anywhere between AED 604,000 and AED 875,000 per year.

Credit controller

Yep, it’s another finance one. The good news is, there are a lot of these jobs going in small and medium-sized businesses right now, meaning, if you are a credit controller, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Expect an annual salary of AED 192,000 to AED 240,000.

Head of Compliance

We’re sure you can see a trend here. Organisations want to ensure that they’re compliant with not only VAT in the coming year, but with all of the other laws being introduced around the GCC. If you can do this job, you can expect an annual salary of AED 565,000 to AED 1.2 million.

Chief Digital Officer

It isn’t all finance and tax in the UAE’s jobs market. There’s plenty of focus on going digital, too. And obviously, to drive digital change, UAE organisations are looking for Chief Digital Officers. Those that make the cut will be rewarded with an annual salary of between AED 637,000 and AED 960,000.

Data Manager

Of course, part of going digital is collecting a lot of data and using it to make better business decisions. That’s where the demand for Data Managers has come from. And these professionals are in high demand. If you’re being considered for one of these jobs, expect to be paid between AED 480,000 and AED 780,000 per year.

Security Engineer

Security professionals have always been in high demand, and 2018 looks to be no different. Given the big ransomware outbreaks that happened in 2017, companies are looking to sure up their defences by hiring outstanding security engineers who can plug the gaps. Annual salaries are between AED 378,000 and AED 522,000.

Head of Recruitment

Given that UAE organisations expect to be able to hire great talent in 2018, it’s no surprise that they’re also investing a lot in HR staff. If you’re at the Head of Recruitment level, you could be earning anything between AED 465,000 and AED 480,000 per year.

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Compensation and Benefits Manager

You may not think it, but companies in the UAE are getting pretty serious about ensuring that their employees are looked after properly. After all, how else are they going to retain talent? That means employing awesome people to manage compensation and benefits. If that sounds like you, you could earn yourself an annual salary of AED 310,000 to AED 360,000.

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