6 Reasons To Buy Home Contents Insurance In The UAE

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Most of you in the UAE don’t have home contents insurance. Here we give you six good reasons why you should consider buying a policy.

Most of you in the UAE don’t have home insurance. We’re guessing you think it’s either too expensive or there’s no point in it.

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Unfortunately, though, things often happen that are beyond your control but once you’ve taken home insurance out, it’s pretty easy to claim to make up for those little disasters.

So, here we give you six good reasons why you should consider buying a home contents insurance policy.

Flooding and fire

Another fire in a Dubai high-rise in the last week reminds us that things can happen to your house or apartment at any time. High rises should have smoke detectors fitted and they should be working, but once started, a fire could take several hours to bring under control. By that time, considerable damage may have been done to your apartment, and the belongings in it. A home contents insurance policy will be able to reimburse you for any belongings that have been lost.


Theft is, thankfully, rare in the UAE, but it does happen. It’s more likely to occur over the summer, when people are away for long periods, and it tends to be villas that are targeted. In March, for example, five men went on trial accused of taking AED 65,000 worth of jewels from a villa in Mirdif. Provided you show your insurer you took the right precautions to secure your property (e.g. locking the doors), home contents insurance will cover your losses.

Stuff outside your house

You may have to ask for it, but home contents insurance may also cover stuff outside your house. If you’re away and garden furniture goes missing, or someone steals your favourite potted plant, your home contents insurance may cover it.

Vandalism and malicious damage

So you think that pesky kid in your compound has scrawled graffiti on your walls or scratched your car? Contents insurance can cover the cost of repair, as long as the damaged items are within a certain distance of your property.


The technical term is accidental damage, but you may be downright clumsy and have a habit of breaking stuff. You may have knocked something over by accident or your children were pillow fighting and got a bit too excited. You may have to ask for it to be added to your policy, but contents insurance can cover these ‘accidental’ damages.


Home insurance can cover any damage to person or property that occurs within the bounds of your property. So if someone slips and hurts themselves, your dog bites someone or a tree falls on their car in your driveway, home contents insurance can have it covered if the other party decides to prosecute you for damages.

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