Careem Has Adjusted Its Pricing Structure In The UAE

Careem pricing Dubai

Ride-hailing service Careem has made changes to its pricing structure in the UAE, effective from yesterday.

Careem has made changes to its pricing structure, effective from yesterday. The end result will be some fares going up, some going down and others staying the same, according to the car-booking service.

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First, the good news: Prices of GO Beta, Careem’s budget service, and Business are unchanged.

Prices for Careem Economy and Careem Kids will now be more variable then before, with some fares going up and some going down. Careem says pricing will depend on, ’the variable components’ of your trip.

Looking at the e-mail circular Careem has helpfully sent out to customers, those variables include a starting rate that varies by time of day.

For example, there was previously a flat starting rate of AED 8 for Economy customers. Now there are three rates, ranging from AED 5.4 to AED 10.6, depending on time of day.

Careem Kids customers used to pay a flat starting rate of AED 17. Now there are also three rates, ranging from AED 12.4 to AED 17.6.

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The minimum fare for Economy and Kids has been reduced, while the moving fare has been increased and will now be AED 2.38 per km for both services.

It may not make much difference to your overall fare, but the waiting fee for both services has been reduced, to AED 51.5 per hour.

We’re guessing the end the result will be a small, though tangible, increase in rush hour fares.

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