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The Best Cashback Credit Cards In Dubai And The UAE

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If you’re living in Dubai, or indeed anywhere in the UAE, you’ll know just how popular cashback credit cards have become here. These are our top picks.

If you’re living in Dubai, or indeed anywhere in the UAE, you’ll know just how popular cashback credit cards have become here.

The idea behind cashback is simple: You pay for things on your credit card, and the bank will give you some percentage back from the purchase as additional balance on the card. If you keep on top of your repayments (i.e. you pay your balance off every month in full), you can use cashback to get discounts on just about everything in the UAE.

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Banks have cottoned on to the popularity of cashback credit cards in the UAE, so now, pretty much every major bank offers one. But which are the best? Well, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite cashback credit cards in the UAE, and outlined their benefits for you. Using the information below, you should be able to decide which cashback credit card is right for you.

Let’s get to it.

Citibank Citi Cashback Card

The Citi Cashback Card is a brand-new card from Citibank UAE, and it’s pretty special. It’ll give you unlimited, automatic cashback on every purchase you make with the card. If you use it abroad, you’ll get 3% cashback on everything you buy internationally, and if you use it at supermarkets, you’ll get 2% cashback on all the groceries you buy. For everything else, you’ll get 1% automatic cashback.

The beauty of this card, though, is that while the cashback rates might be a little low compared to the rates offered by some other banks, there isn’t any limit on how much cashback you can earn. That’ll result in some handy savings if you use your card for everything and pay the bill every month. Plus, it’ll give you unlimited access to 850 airport lounges, and if you spend AED 9,000 or more a year, the card is completely free.

ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card

The Cashback Visa Platinum Card from ADIB is the ultimate in no-nonsense cashback. Basically, it’ll give you 1% flat cashback on anything you buy – and there’s no limit to how much cashback you can earn. There are a couple of other perks, too – ADIB will provide free roadside assistance (so you don’t need to tick that box on your car insurance policy), and you can withdraw 100% of the card’s limit in cold, hard cash – if that’s how you prefer to work. Plus, there’s 55-day, interest-free grace period for you to pay your outstanding balance. Again, keep on top of the repayments, and you could net some pretty good savings with this card.

RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card

RAKBANK’s Titanium Card is for those who want to enjoy life in Dubai for a little less. It’ll offer a bunch of privileges and discounts on leisure activities. For example, it’ll give you 5% cashback on restaurant spending, and up to 50% cashback on movie tickets worldwide. Fancy a bit of shopping? This card will give you 2% cashback on retail purchase transactions. Plus, it has the sensible stuff covered, too – you can get 5% cashback on supermarket purchases and fuel costs. The Titanium Card also comes with free purchase protection, free travel accident insurance, and a minimum monthly payment of 3%.

Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card

The Titanium Credit Card from Standard Chartered is the UAE’s quintessential cashback credit card. It’ll give you cashback on everything from utility bill payments to school fees, and it comes with a bunch of other benefits, too.

How does this sound: 10% cashback on supermarket spending, 10% cashback on school fees, 10% cashback on utility payments, and 10% off hotels booked through Plus, for a limited time, if you sign up now, you’ll be eligible for AED 750 cashback if you spend AED 10,000 on your card within 60 days of activation. Every little helps.

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