Why Choose yallacompare?


Have you ever felt the need for a simple way to compare and buy banking products like insurance? You have, haven’t you, like thousands of others! yallacompare is here to address just that.

yallacompare is the leading finance comparison website in the Middle East and helps users compare credit cards, loans, banks, and insurance.

Regardless of whether you want to apply for a home loan for that gorgeous new house you’ve been looking at, or get a car loan for that gleaming new ride, or want to simply choose the best bank or insurance, yallacompare is here to help!

yallacompare allows you to choose from a diverse range of options, including those from both local and international banks, allowing you to be an informed consumer who is getting the best bang for his buck.

Using yallacompare to compare banking products can help you save thousands of Dirhams — all in just a few clicks!

yallacompare is completely free for users and empowers people to make informed decisions when they purchase banking products. We strive to provide consumers with accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased information, so they can make the best decision. We’ve also taken it upon ourselves to ensure that there is complete transparency with respect to the information we provide.

yallacompare was founded by people who’ve had extensive experience in working in the Middle Eastern financial sector. That’s not all — the team includes researchers who are a step ahead of the market, so as to be able to provide our users with the most relevant information.

We, at yallacompare, are honoured to have been the recipients of many awards, which we couldn’t have won without your help. These are:

  • Arabian Business Startup Awards: SME of the Year 2015.
  • Forbes Business Leaders Awards: Top 5 Most Promising Startups, 2015.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Brand Penetration Award 2015.
  • IFM Awards: Best Finance Comparison site – UAE 2014.
  • Global Banking & Finance Review: Best Finance Comparison site – Middle East 2015.

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