Comprehensive Private Health Insurance In The UAE


Mandated Health Insurance In UAE

Most people employed in the UAE receive health insurance from their employers. In fact, the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have made it mandatory for employers to provide health insurance coverage to all employees and their dependents. This seems like a good thing, and it is.

But many people don’t realize the fact that their coverage is not comprehensive and can have significant limitations. Government mandated insurance coverage doesn’t include many treatments such as psychological counseling and offers limited rehabilitation for debilitating or neurological conditions. Many people also have to visit a health care provider that is far away from their homes as their preferred health care provider is not included in their health care plan.

Most health insurance plans are also geographically limited to the UAE. This means that if you or your dependents fall ill outside of the UAE, you’ll probably end up footing the bill.

Why not take a look at your and your families current employer-provided health care coverage and see if it covers all your requirements? Did you know you can get the best price on your health insurance when you compare with yallacompare.


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