What to Consider If You’re Buying a Car in UAE


With its great roads and great destinations, buying a car in the UAE is a priority for many people in the country.

As compared to most other places in the world, there’s less paperwork and waiting time. Car and gas prices are cheaper, too. All of which means there are very few barriers to owning your own set of wheels.

Do note that Dubai requires vehicle buyers to possess a residence visa. The required documentation for a residence visa can be obtained through your employer.

Here are some steps you should take to make sure you’re making the best purchase.

  1. First of all, be clear about your needs and priorities. Do you want speed or safety? Is it mainly for the family or you alone? Will you be using the car for long distances every day, or just once in a while? Do you plan to keep the car for a while, or do you plan to replace it soon? After you have the answers to these questions, you can research online to make a shortlist of which brand and model is the right one for you.
  2. Then, you should get a list of dealers of these cars that are on your shortlist. Visit them, take your time, and then settle on the model that feels just right. If possible, reach out to those who have the same car, or read a few more reviews to get further information on aspects such as maintenance and mileage.
  3. Once you’ve settled on the perfect car for your needs, you could explore finance plans if you need to. Most dealers themselves will be glad to advise you and help you with this. You could also ask your bank for options.
  4. After this, you’re all set to make the actual purchase. Registering the new car is necessary, and the dealer will most probably have already done this for you. Insurance is also essential. For these formalities, you will need documentation such as a passport and driving licence.

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