Your Covid-19 Update

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It’s no surprise that Covid-19 cases have skyrocketed in the UAE the last few days with almost 3000 cases being reported daily, a number we have not seen in the country since the pandemic began.  The obvious factors contributing to this is the influx of tourists from all over the world looking to escape lockdowns back home and families coming together for the holidays and as well as this, the reported new strain from overseas may also be contributing to the increase in confirmed cases.

However as a result we must be more vigilant and careful than ever to ensure everyone’s safety.

Wearing a face mask continues to be one of the most critical guidelines enforced in the country to help us avoid the spread of the virus.  Social distancing measures in public places, businesses, and restaurants remain in affect as well.  People are strongly urged to avoid large social gatherings at home, throwing parties, and being in confined spaces with a lot of people.

Many businesses have their own sanitation measures in place however taking your own precautions is advisable especially as many places have gotten busier with the influx of tourists.

The good news is that the Covid-19 vaccine is available for UAE citizens and residents for free at various locations around the emirates. We have passed a milestone with 1 million vaccines already administered.  This is a blessing considering how many countries worldwide do not have enough vaccines readily available for their residents.  However that doesn’t change the dangerous reality of the escalating case numbers in the UAE and our responsibility towards each other to stay safe.

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