Decorating Tricks To Make Your Dubai Home Feel Bigger


These top tips from The Big Fitout will save you time and money on your home renovation in Dubai


It’s a common experience: you move out of your home and, once everything’s packed up, you’re shocked at how big the rooms look. And that’s especially true with properties in Dubai.

Seeing a living area without all its clutter can highlight just how important it is to use space wisely. Décor can unintentionally shrink a room, but if you’re interested in style that encourages spaciousness, we’ve teamed up with The Big Fitout to work out four key ways to bring in some breathing space.


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The Big Fitout is a Dubai-based, British, design-and-build fitout company. It specialises in bathroom and kitchen renovations, and has an amazing portfolio of work on residential villas (as the pictures here show). As a result, the team really know their stuff, so it’s worth taking their advice on board before jumping in at the deep end.

Let’s get to it.


Ditch the clutter

It might sound obvious, but the easiest way to make more space is to get rid of all the things cluttering it up. Table surfaces look larger with less on them. Reduce decorative items to one or three pieces, and store other items out of sight. Invest in kitchen solutions that keep counters clear and let you pack away appliances, cookbooks or other knick-knacks. Less is more. Move around your house area by area and ask what you can do to tidy up what you use and pack away what you don’t.


Brighten up

Humans unconsciously associate brightness and light with open spaces. It makes sense: dark spaces feel hidden and enclosed, whereas places bathed in light are experienced as open and large. The first thing to consider is your use of natural light. Immediately discard heavy curtains or window treatments that block light from the room. Don’t clutter the area in front of windows with plants or ornaments.

Next, think about the artificial light in the room. Small, focused patches of low light can feel “cozy” at best but usually diminish a space. Instead, go for many separate sources of light from as high up as possible. Finally, add reflective accents like mirrors, metallic surfaces or glass to catch the light and bring some airiness to your décor.


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Use vertical space

Several pieces clustered together in just the lower third of the room can make the upper two thirds simply disappear. Many make the mistake of decorating with only the horizontal plane in mind. But room décor can really stretch and breathe when it’s allowed to expand upwards. Think of a room as divided into three zones – the floor area, the middle area, and the upper area close to the ceiling. A small, round lamp on a table in the lower zone can feel too much like clutter, but if you replace it with a tall, narrow lamp that extends up into the second zone, the room suddenly doesn’t feel as crowded.

Curtains and blinds, headboards, kitchen splash backs and lighting of all kinds can safely take up space in the upper zone. Pictures and shelves can occupy the third zone and seating, beds and carpets belong in the lower zone.


Keep everything to scale

Start by looking at the largest pieces of furniture in each room. For example, in a living room, consider the sofa and the coffee table. If these two pieces are relatively too large for the room, the entire room will feel cramped. Ironically, a smaller, lower sofa can feel larger if the room is on the small side. In the same way, a neat, double sofa may fit better than several single seats that only give the room a chaotic feel.

When you’re frustrated with a space that feels too small, it can be tempting to add decorative elements to fix the problem. But creating more space is all about scaling back, getting rid of clutter and making space for air and light to come into a room.


Ready for some home improvements? Renovate your home VAT-free with The Big Fitout! Just use discount code YALLA5 on enquiry! 


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