How to double your property portfolio

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If you are the owner of an existing property in the UAE and are looking to double your property portfolio, Amlak Finance has an attractive offer for you.

Amlak Finance, a leading specialised real estate financier in the Middle East, is pleased to provide customers with a hassle-free way of purchasing another property in Dubai. Subject to eligibility, Amlak can match your current property value with a finance that can go towards a second property investment.

This unique offer provides flexibility when it comes to the repayment method as well. Amlak can provide customers with the option of repaying the loan through rental income, eliminating the need to transfer your salary or even providing a down payment first.

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About Amlak Finance PJSC:

Established in 2000, Amlak Finance is a leading specialised real estate financier in the Middle East. Amlak provides innovative, Shari’a-compliant property financing products and solutions designed to meet the demanding needs of the market. Amlak offers a range of customised financial solutions and products to investors for both ready and off-plan properties.

Amlak launched its first international office in Cairo in 2007, which operates under the name ‘Amlak Finance Egypt Company S.A.E’. It also has business associations in Saudi Arabia under the name ‘Amlak International for Real Estate Finance Company’..

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