du has launched a new data-only SIM

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These days, smartphones consume so much data that they’re mainly used in range of Wi-Fi – it’s only if you need to that you’ll switch on to your 3G or 4G connection. After all, mobile data prices in the UAE aren’t that cheap.

Happily, the telecoms companies of the UAE are making users’ lives easier. If you haven’t heard, Etisalat is now offering customers double social data for free, but it isn’t the only company introducing an offer for data-hungry users. Dubai’s du has now released a data-only SIM with up to 50 GB connectivity.

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Wherever you are in the UAE, according to du, you’ll always have connectivity with this SIM, which is designed not only on your phone but also your tablet.

If you’re a pre-existing customer, you’ll be guaranteed a discounted price. When you apply for a 12-month contract, you can pay AED 279 for 50 GB per month (it’s AED 379 per month for non-existing customers). You can also choose packages offering either 3 GB or 10 GB of data.

Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Commercial Officer at du, said that the new SIM is all about recognising customers’ changing needs when it comes to needing Internet on the go.

“We have witnessed the dramatically changing ways that UAE consumers work and play – work is no longer limited to a desk in the office, for example,” he said.

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So, whether you’re at the beach, in the car or deep in the desert, you should always have data readily available to you with this SIM card.

And you also have the option of choosing from a range of devices when you sign up for the contract. You can choose from an iPad, Samsung tablet, internet router, Car-Fi or Mi-Fi. And if these seem a little expensive, du allows you to pay in monthly installments rather than upfront.

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