Dubai taxi fares have increased again


Have you noticed you’ve been paying a little bit more for your regular Dubai taxi journey lately? While the increase isn’t huge, a few extra little few dirhams have been added to the price of taxi travel.

The rise isn’t close to what we saw last year, when rates went from AED3 to AED5 for a flagged down taxi, and from AED6 to AED8 for a booked cab (with this increasing further during peak hours from AED10 to AED12), but RTA have confirmed prices have indeed gone up again.

While there has been so official statement from RTA about the latest increase, they have said that from November 11th the price jumped from AED 1.71 per KM to 1.82 per KM.

This is, of course, barely noticeable to people who only use taxis for the occasional short trip, as it just adds a few dirhams to the overall bill. However, anyone using taxis as their regular mode of transport to and from work, for example, will definitely notice the difference to their wallet on a weekly basis.

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