Dubai’s Essential Benefits Plan is now available from more providers

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If you’re on a salary of under AED 4,000 per month in Dubai, you just got more options for your basic health insurance package.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said this week that it had added Noor Takaful, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company and Union Insurance to its panel of Essential Benefits Plan providers.

The Essential Benefits Plan is a health insurance plan designed for Dubai residents earning under AED 4,000 per month, and comes at a price of between AED 550 and AED 650 for a year’s coverage.

The plan doesn’t come with the best coverage, obviously, but it means you’re protected in the case of a medical emergency. It also covers maternity, medical tests, referrals and medication.

The DHA rolled out the plan in 2014, when the Dubai Health Insurance Law was brought into force. That law mandates that sponsors in Dubai have to provide some level of health insurance for their employees. According to the DHA, 98% of people in Dubai are now covered by health insurance.

The DHA said that the addition of the three new companies brings the list of plan providers up to a total of 12. So if you are looking for an Essential Benefits Plan, you now have plenty of choice when it comes to the provider.

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