How to earn money while travelling

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If you’ve ever wanted to get paid to go on holiday, now could be your chance.

According to the free mobile app AirWayBill, you can make a trip pay for itself.

Essentially, you can earn money by carrying an item or package with you when travelling for somebody else, getting a payment at the other end for the service. Now, that might sound dodgy, but AirWayBill wants to develop a new way to get this old job done. It’s a peer-to-peer shipping mobile app that matches up trusted customers to hand-deliver packages from around the world.

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Obviously, it’s important to note that, although this app allows you to find items that could be out of stock on international shopping websites, you need to make sure you are still complying with custom laws when you order something. You should never request an item that you know is banned in your country, nor should you deliver an item that could possibly prove to be risky for you, the carrier.

But as a carrier, if you’re looking for a little bit of extra cash when travelling, you could end up earning your money back if you choose to pick a package up and deliver it to anywhere in the world.

So how does it work? You can actually use AirWayBill in several ways.

If you’re sending a present across the world, then you can use AWB to find someone who will deliver it for you. First you need to upload a photo of the item you want to ship. Someone will then offer to carry the item for you. You can start talking to the carrier through the app, and arrange a pickup location, travel date and then eventual delivery and payment.

And it works if you want to be the carrier as well. You can browse through the app and look through the list of items in your area and decide which ones you want to carry on your upcoming trip, or you can decide where to go based on delivery requests. Once you message the sender to arrange the pickup and delivery you, can pick up the item and get paid. Payment can vary from item to item, and based on how much the shipper is willing to pay, but extra money is always helpful when travelling.

If you fancy finding an item that you can’t get in your local shopping mall, then you can upload a photo of the item you want to purchase. Again, someone will offer to carry the item for you and bring it to you. When requesting an item, you can post how much you’re willing to pay for the item plus delivery cost.

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This may appear to be a risky way of getting packages around the world (given you’re using a stranger), but AirWayBill guarantees that your item will be insured. You can constantly track your package and the carrier is held liable for the full value of the item if it doesn’t make it to the intended destination. On AirWayBill’s website, it says that, if the package isn’t delivered to you or the carrier doesn’t take good care of it, the full price will be deducted from the carrier’s credit card, and you will receive a refund.

So if you like the idea of earning money for travelling around the world and all that’s needed is giving up a few inches of space in your suitcase, take a look at AirWayBill.

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