Our Favorite Winter Road Trips

VW Passat UAE

The weather is lovely and the skies are clear, holidays are coming up, travel is still restricted in many countries, so you know what that means?  It’s road trip time!  Get in that car and explore, explore, explore!  There are so many destinations around the UAE that will offer an interesting ride as well as fun activities when you get there.


The Road to Oman

Distance from Dubai: 198 kms/  Distance from Abu Dhabi: 339 kms

Drive to the beautiful city of Khasab in Oman.  Smooth winding roads will take you past many fjords and bays on this scenic route with plenty of nice spots for camping. Just make sure you have your documents handy to drive into Oman.


The Road to Liwa

Distance from Dubai: 292kms/ Distance from Abu Dhabi: 220 kms

For endless stretches of road and the feeling that you are really getting away from it all, jump in your SUV and head to the vast desert of Liwa also known as “The Empty Quarter”.  You can spend the night in one of the luxury resort hotels and get the full secluded, relaxing experience.


The Road to Al Ain

Distance from Dubai: 146.9 kms/ Distance from Abu Dhabi: Approx.: 163.2 kms

Winter time is the perfect time for this trip as you head to visit the UAE’s highest peak in Al Ain, Jebel Hafeet.  The road trip offers a massive scenic view of the adjacent desert, Oman, and of the city of Al Ain, which also happens to be the world’s oldest inhabited settlements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  If you’ve got little ones with you stop by the Al Ain Zoo for an extra fun detour.


The Road to Fujairah

Distance from Dubai: 184kms/ Distance from Abu Dhabi: 300 kms

There are so many destinations in and around the emirate that offer various activities from diving to hiking to fishing.  No matter where you choose to go the drive will be beautiful and scenic with mountains on one side and sea on the other.  Plenty of hotels and restaurants along the road makes this a great last minute road trip.

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