The flight hack guaranteed to save you money


The cost of flying to just one destination can be pricey enough, especially if you’re travelling with a family, let alone when you then have to get an internal flight to get to your vacay location. But there’s one technical trick that can help you cut costs – and it’s so simple.

Booking through the home website of the airline is a great way of saving money.  For example, say you’re flying from Dubai to Bordeaux. Once you arrive in Paris, you will need another flight to get you to Bordeaux and it will be so much cheaper if the system thinks you live in France.

Here’s how it works

Again using that Dubai to Bordeaux example, when it comes to booking the internal flight, instead of going to (because you live in the UAE), go to the home website which, in this case, is

Airfare deals and exchange rate dependant, of course, you are almost guarenteed to get a cheaper rate. And again, depending on the airline, date and the city you choose, this trick could see you saving upwards of AED 500.

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