Get Discounts on Fines By Following Traffic Rules In Dubai


Appreciation and reward system is the key to getting work done from people in every sphere. We all do our level best when we know we are going to be rewarded for our efforts and hard work or would get an incentive in return for the same. The Dubai Police has hit upon this fact and tried to curb breakage of traffic rules by offering a waive off or discounts on traffic fines for those who drive carefully and abide by traffic rules. As a top-up, they would even be let off in case of minor offenses committed by them.

It’s raining rewards for motorists

The Commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, has claimed that the special efforts that the drivers have put in over months, by being extremely careful not to violate traffic signals or other rules while driving, would not go to waste. They would be rewarded for it through discounts in fines and also through other benefits, especially when considering minor offenses which are not of any obstruction or harm to other drivers or pedestrians.

This special initiative has been taken up by the Dubai Police to create awareness and instigate motorists to abide by traffic laws and hence safeguard themselves and others from mishaps and accidents from taking place on roads due to reckless driving and non-abidance of traffic rules.

In a special announcement earlier this year, Dubai Police, under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has claimed that motorists can avail of special discounts, up to a maximum of 100%, on total accumulated amount of traffic fines during the Year of Tolerance.

The discount brackets would be applicable as under the following time periods:

  • A driver who does not commit any offense for 3 months gets a discount of 25% on previous fines.
  • A motorist who does not violate traffic rules for 6 months gets a waive off of 50% on prior dues of total accumulated fine amount
  • Those with a clean record for 9 to 12 months can get a 75% to 100% discount respectively.

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