How to get extra social data in the UAE


If you find you’re wasting most of your mobile data on social media, and end up having to pay over your pre-paid package, there is now a solution to your problem in the UAE.

Customers of Etisalat are now being offered an upgrade when it comes to how they use their data. On Sunday, the telecom company announced that users will now receive 100% free extra social data, meaning you don’t need to worry about spending extra money on data or slow internet speeds when you want to check out your social media feeds.

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You will now be able to stay logged in to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and any other social media outlet you can think of for longer.

Etisalat’s so-called “data bonanza” will give you between 250 MB to 12 GB extra social data, based on your pre-existing package. So, if you are currently subscribed to 1 GB monthly package for AED 100, you will now get an extra 1 GB just for social media for no extra cost.

Customers can dial *170# and choose from a range of monthly Data Plus Packs – depending on how often you use your phone for social media and data. Every month there will be an auto-renewal to whichever data plan you are subscribed to, but if you want to cancel the package for whatever reason, there will be no cancellation fee.

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If you don’t already have a pre-paid package and just use pay-as-you-go, the data rate is AED 1 for every MB used. So if you find you’re using up your credit quickly, it could be worth considering this offer to help save money monthly.

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