How To Get A ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ From Dubai Police

UAE good conduct certificate

Getting a good conduct certificate is actually pretty simple if you’ve been in the UAE for the last five years. We’ll guide you through the process here.

You may have heard of a new rule that was launched in the UAE earlier this year. Basically, if you’re coming to Dubai or the UAE to work, you’ll need a ‘good conduct certificate’ in order to get your residency visa.

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So, if you’re a new resident coming from your home country – or indeed anywhere else – you’ll need to obtain this certificate from your local police service, get it attested, and include it with the documents for your visa application process. You can read all about the rules here.

But things are a little different if you’re already in the UAE and you want to switch jobs – and therefore obtain a new residency visa. Some reports have suggested that, if you’re just transferring your visa from one company to another, you won’t need to obtain a certificate. However, there are still instances in which you’ll need to provide one.

UPDATE: It’s now come to light that, even if you’re transferring visas within the UAE, you WILL need a Good Conduct Certificate

This is actually pretty simple if you’ve been in the UAE for the last five years. You simply need to get a certificate from Dubai Police – a pretty pain-free process that we’ll guide you through here.

Log on to the Dubai Police website

Obtaining a good conduct certificate from Dubai Police is easy in that it can all be done online. Simply head here to get started.

Understand if you’re eligible for a certificate from Dubai Police

The new visa rules state that you need to either provide a good conduct certificate from your home country, or else from the country in which you’ve been a resident for the last five years. So, if you’ve been a UAE resident for the last five years, Dubai Police can provide you with the certificate. This service is also available for UAE nationals.

The documents you’ll need

When you’re applying online for a good conduct certificate, you’ll need to upload a copy of your valid Emirates ID, as well as provide your email address.

Understand the costs

If you’re a UAE national requesting a good conduct certificate, you’ll need to pay AED 100 for the service. If you’re an expat UAE resident, it’ll cost you AED 200. And if you’re a UAE resident but you’re requesting the certificate from overseas, you’ll have to pay AED 200. On top of that, there’s a knowledge fee of AED 10 and an innovation fee of AED 10.

How long will it take?

If you complete the application online, the whole process should only take you five minutes. After that, you’ll have your good conduct certificate in your email inbox. If you’d prefer to do it in person, however, you can head down to a Dubai Police office (open 7:30am to 2:30pm from Sunday to Thursday), and complete the process manually. That’ll take you 15 minutes.

What to do with your certificate

Depending on the job you’re moving to, you’ll need to give your certificate to your HR manager in order to complete your visa application process. Otherwise, just keep the certificate safe in your inbox in case you need to provide it for any other official purposes.

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