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Huge numbers of UAE residents are opting for safer travel ahead of the holiday period, as evidenced by the 291% rise in searches for travel insurance recorded by, the Middle East’s leading financial comparison site.

According to data from yallacompare’s travel insurance comparison platform, November 2016 saw a 291.81% increase in the number of people searching for travel insurance over the previous month. This indicates a growing appetite among UAE residents to ensure that they are covered for all eventualities when travelling.

The uptick in interest in travel insurance is a welcome one, given that, earlier this year, a compareit4me survey revealed that 80% of UAE travellers had experienced some sort of travel-related incident.

“It’s certainly encouraging to see people give the idea of travel insurance more thought. Whether you purchase travel insurance from a comparison website, or direct from an insurer, we always recommend taking a policy out. It could save you a lot of trouble should anything go wrong on your holiday. And I’m afraid that things can go wrong – one in six customers make a claim on their travel insurance policies,” said Jonathan Rawling, CFO at

“The good news is that our data suggests that UAE residents want the peace of mind that travel insurance provides. We’d expect an uptick in travel insurance searches ahead of the holiday season, given that’s when most people tend to travel, but the fact that the numbers have swelled so much suggests that, this year, travellers from the UAE really do see more value in that safety net than they have done in previous years.”

Indeed, yallacompare’s data suggests that users are not only increasingly searching for travel insurance, but are also actively researching the benefits that travel insurance provides. From October to November this year, there was a 66% increase in the average time spent on each travel insurance page, indicating a willingness to learn more about how travel insurance can provide peace of mind.

yallacomapare’s travel insurance platform allows users to compare quotes for insurance that offers everything from full coverage for the European Schengen zone to policies that cover travellers for an entire year.

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