The Latest Home Décor Trends of the Year

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There’s no place like home, and in 2019, homes are going to look and feel a lot more fascinating and equally comfortable.

The latest trends indicate a return to individualism, a turning away from artificiality, and a willingness to embrace diverse concepts. People’s houses have truly begun to change!

Here, we outline some developments that interior designers can’t get enough of in 2019.

Nature and Sustainability

Connect those indoors to the outdoors with plants, natural lights, and nature-inspired patterns. Imagine greenery hanging from the ceilings and floor-standing planters. Beautiful, isn’t it? Homeowners are also more conscious of the concept of sustainability, nowadays. Items made by hand with materials like jute, rice paper, and clay are very in. With these grounding elements in your home, you’re more in touch with the earth and your roots.


Eclecticism is, quite simply, a way to show diversity, range, and variety. That means graphic prints, kitsch accessories, and metallic accents all bundled together, and all creating harmony. Remember, there’s no need for perfectly matched furniture sets; for example, letting individual pieces tell their own stories. Also, mixed metal is the new trend, especially when it comes to accents. Brass, copper, and nickel together can create a charming, winsome effect.

Patterns and Textures

Say goodbye to plain plastered walls. Add interesting texture with innovative paint, wallpaper, and paneling. The skirting boards and doors, for instance, can be much darker than the surroundings. Don’t hesitate to go bright and go bold. Be creative and mix it up. The classic floral patterns are about to come back in a big way, too. They now have a refreshed and modernized avatar, with exaggerated proportions and playful colors.

Colors and lines

Feminine tones are in, along with their bolder counterparts for a statement of emphasis. Walls are warmer, with cooler surrounding-accents. Millennial pink hasn’t gone away: instead, it’s back and bigger than before. It’s being incorporated into home décor in unique and innovative ways. Splashes of pink in furnishing, curtains, and accessories will brighten up a tired look instantly. Another color that’s creating a buzz is mustard yellow, and you can use it to break up old patterns for a new glow. Layering fabrics with curved furnishing and softer lines is also back, this time around a lot cleaner and brighter. It’s a mix of the modern and the vintage, for quite a special effect.


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