How to make the perfect bathroom


It’s one of the most undervalued parts of the house, yet it’s a place where comfort, convenience and efficiency are paramount. But with the right combination of colours and a smart approach to space utilisation, the modern bathroom can be transformed into one of the most comfortable, visually appealing spaces in the house. Try a few of these tips in your quest for the perfect bathroom.


You don’t re-tile your bathroom on a regular basis like you might refresh the paint on your walls so you really need to think long term about the colours. Putting blue tiles in your young children’s bathroom might seem like a great idea today but what happens when you come to resell the property or they grow to teenagers and want something a bit more grown up. One solution is to only tile selected walls. So the remaining walls can be left painted. Then you can then change colour and add pictures to the wall as required and giving the bathroom a makeover is a simple and non-expensive DIY job in the future. Try to stick toneutral calming shades of grey, white and light beige tiles which will stand the test of time.

Maximise space

A bathroom is often small, which makes it even more vital to use the space as well as you can. Include cabinets, so that items can be put away, rather than cluttering up floors and surfaces. Consider having your contractor see which walls are removable. In the majority of bathrooms in the UAE there are a lot of non-load bearing walls that were installed only as part of the original design so these can be removed to increase space and light. Also consider installing a rounded corner sink, which frees up space and cuts down on right angles, a potential danger for children.

Use ‘green’ fittings

Whether or not it makes a noticeable difference to your monthly bills, but all of us should install water saving fittings by default. Start with a low flow shower head that can more than halve the amount of water used and will still give you a strong blast of water. If your budget allows and if your new home doesn’t already have one, invest in a low flow toilet and dual flush system. You shouldn’t leave the tap on while brushing teeth and there are also eco-friendly options such as motion sensing taps that will turn on and off as you need that can help and have an added bonus of being more hygienic as they are hands-free.

Extend the mirror

It’s often the case that several people want to use the mirror at the same time. It might be young children on their way to bed who want to pull faces while cleaning their teeth. Mum might be doing her daughter’s hair, while her brother wants to wash his face. So if you have space, go big with the mirror. Large mirrors also give the feeling of more space and light.

Wall-mounted taps

In most bathrooms, taps will be counter top mounted or integrated into sinks by default. One bold way to give your bathroom a different look is to mount taps on the wall. This, in turn, frees up space for the sink to be repositioned to enable you to have more usable countertop space.

Remember tower rails

Houses and apartments in the UAE tend not to have airing cupboards, but you need to put hand and bath towels somewhere to dry off after you’ve used them. Make sure you install towel rails in your bathroom and be sure to put them in places that are accessible and maximise space. The back of the bathroom door is one good, out-of-the-way place. The outside of the shower door means a towel is close by and handy for those having a shower.

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