Michelin Is Promoting The Importance Of Tyre Safety In The UAE


A car is a fine-oiled machine, with every part playing a vital role, but unfortunately, tyres can sometimes be overlooked.

Dubai Police, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and Michelin have joined together to make sure Dubai drivers, especially truck drivers, understand the importance of tyre safety. In order to raise awareness, the three organisations have set up lectures for drivers to take part in, so that they can learn more about the security procedures for their tyres – as well as have a free tyre inspection.

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This isn’t the first time Michelin has partnered with Dubai Police and RTA. In previous years, the tyre manufacturer has helped raise awareness on tyre safety. Along with Central Trading Company (CTC) of Al Rostamani Group experts, Michelin has provided free safety checks to thousands of cars and trucks throughout the region.

Daoud Helmi, Commercial Director for Michelin GCC, said, “Our aim is to raise public awareness on the importance of tyre safety, more responsible driving and safer roads. We are happy to partner with RTA on such safety campaigns, to provide people with professional advice and technical support.”

Results collected from the campaign have shown that a relatively high 70% of motorists are driving either on under- or over-inflated tyres. Driving on either type of tyre can be incredibly dangerous to yourself and other drivers on the road. The campaign also found that around 10% of the tyres had major defects, ranging from cracks to uneven tread wear, and some tyres were still being driven on fully worn-out treads.

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Mohammed Aqel, General Manager of CTC, the importer of Michelin tyres, said, “We believe tyres, while critical to safety, are often overlooked by drivers.”

Tyres should always be changed at least every five years, however if you notice a loss of tread beforehand then it’s important to change them immediately – even if it’s before the five-year mark.

Deema Fouad Hussein, Traffic Awareness Department Senior Manager at RTA, said: “RTA is a committed partner in promoting motor vehicle and road safety initiatives. One of the critical factors for road safety is the condition of tyres, which is often overlooked by drivers. Michelin safety campaign, aiming at both cars and trucks, has enabled us to strengthen awareness about this important aspect of road safety.”

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