Money Saving Tips

These apps will save you money in the UAE


Okay, these apps won’t necessarily help put money into your bank account, but they will certainly stop money from leaving it.

We depend on our mobile phones more so than ever, using them for everything from messaging our friends to making sure we don’t miss our next dentist appointment. Apps have been developed to make our lives easier, and now we have apps that can help us save money through various rewards or point systems. Here are our top picks.

Beam Wallet

With Beam Wallet, you no longer have to carry around a chunky purse; all you need is your phone. Download the app for iOS or Android and you can register your credit or debit card to your new account. Just by signing up, you start saving AED 30, and the saving continues with your account alerting you to rewards at nearby outlets. When it comes to paying, if you use Beam Wallet, you can redeem, earn or save on rewards, which are added to your mobile wallet.


If you struggle with your finances, tend to over-spend each month, and wonder where your income goes, this UAE-developed app is for you. It helps you track and understand your financial expenditure, compares your spending to your monthly incomes and then logs your expenses. You can set financial goals and with the help of the app it then can help you achieve them. With the app able to work in every currency, it makes money saving easy.


This app gives you daily discounts and deals for restaurants, travel and spas. ‘Groupon Bucks’ is a type of currency only used in Groupon and you can earn them through promotions, but once you have them it will be the automatic way you buy purchases, instead of using your credit card. Recently, Groupon gave its customers the chance to get 5% back in ‘bucks’ when they bought certain packages from Groupon Getaways.


If you lack motivation to work out and you feel like you get nothing out of it, now there is an app on iOS that can track your movement and then matches that to a reward. The app has teamed up with several cafes, hotels and fitness organisations to help you gain rewards every time you work out. When you achieve a certain number of steps from running, walking or cycling that number is then equated to a suitable prize – like a free coffee or a fitness voucher or consultation. The more you work out, the better the prizes.


Nearbuy, available on iOS and Android, shows you the latest deals and discounts in every Dubai and Abu Dhabi mall. You can customise your app and choose which brands you want to follow and what deals you want to see. You can interact with other shoppers by liking, commenting and sharing different offers between the community. And if your favourite brand isn’t on the Nearbuy app? You can vote on the app to tell them what you want!

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