Six Quick Getaways For The UAE’s National Day Weekend

UAE National Day

The UAE’s National Day is quickly approaching, and it looks like there might even be two days of public holiday either side of the weekend at the end of November. It’s the last long weekend happening in 2017, so why not make the most of it and take a quick holiday before the hectic festive season begins?

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Dubai is just a short hope away from some great destinations. If you’re willing to travel five hours away or under, these are some of the best places for a quick getaway.

UAE National Day Holiday

The Maldives

This island destination has always been a favourite amongst families and travellers. And now is the perfect time to travel to the Maldives as it’s the dry season, which means the days are warm and sunny, but temperatures tend not to exceed 28C. The main problem with the Maldives, however, is cost. Flights will set you back around AED 2,500 per person, and hotels don’t come cheap, either. But, if you can afford it, the bliss that island life in the Maldives provides is totally worth shelling out for.

UAE National Day Holiday


Only five hours away, this is the perfect place for a quick stopover. During November, expect the temperature to drop to as low as 11 C, making it a great place to cool off. Plus, Istanbul has plenty of ancient monuments, vibrant culture and famous food – this destination can fit anyone’s holiday type. Whether you want to head out of town to laze on a beach, explore the country’s mountains or simply take in the sights and sounds of the city, you’ll find the long weekend won’t be long enough. And if you fly with Pegasus Airlines, flights will only cost you AED 1,488 per person.

UAE National Day Holiday

Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia may not sound like your first choice for a holiday destination, but it should be. For one thing, it’s only three hours away from Dubai, and for another, there’s plenty to do. The city is surrounded by Soviet architecture from the 20th century, making it great for history geeks. It also has a strong cultural and art scene, which means there are plenty of concerts and performances scheduled all year round. You can fly directly with FlyDubai for AED 1,104 per person.

UAE National Day Holiday

Tbilisi, Georgia

If you found that the hot summer was too long for you, and you’re itching for a change in temperature then Tbilisi in Georgia is the right destination. During late November, you could be in with a chance of some snow. You could even turn your National Day weekend into a quick ski holiday – the city’s surrounding mountain ranges offer some of the best ski resorts to be found anywhere. The cold weather also provides a great opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit as there are Christmas markets throughout the city. FlyDubai can take you there directly for AED 1,792.

UAE National Day Holiday

Amman, Jordan

Jordan is a popular destination for many young travellers in Dubai – not least because it’s only three hours away. Jordan’s capital offers fantastic food and affordable accommodation. Amman is a rich city with plenty of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history, and if you want to visit Petra – Jordan’s most popular tourist destination – it’s simply a car journey (which can be organised through travel shops). Tickets from FlyDubai will cost you AED 1,337 per person.

UAE National Day Holiday

Muscat, Oman

A one-hour flight from Dubai to Muscat will only cost you AED 487, meaning this is the easiest National Day weekend getaway. Muscat is a beachy town with crystal clear water and ample souks you can get lost in. Or you can book yourself, family or friends into a beautiful resort, relax and nothing more, before you head back to the daily grind.

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