Why you need home insurance


It’s hard to think in a place like the UAE with all it’s measures for safety and how safe it actually feels to live here that home insurance is a priority.  However accidents do happen and we cannot predict what’s coming so having your home protected will save you from much stress and worry down the road.

Maybe the most frequent accidents we do see happening are fires.  The famous incidents of The Address Downtown catching fire during New Years Eve and Torch Tower are just a few examples.  These situations do happen and having your home and belonging insured can make all the difference.  It can mean the difference between having a place to sleep if some accident were to happen or not.

As cloud seeding and a changing climate bring more severe rain storms to the region protecting your house from damage is fast becoming another priority.  Leaks can destroy your belongings, the structure of the house, as well as bring mold, all these things will cost a lot of money to repair or replace and that’s why being covered counts.

Lastly theft, as rare as it is in the UAE, can still happen.  Having your belongings insured just gives you peace of mind.

All these scenarios can happen and taking the risk of not being insured is not worth it because home insurance is relatively affordable in the UAE.  Premium for a 2 bedroom apartment, ranges from Dh600 to Dh800 for coverage of average total content value of Dh75,000.  These numbers vary depending on what valuables you are insuring and your home, but it is worth having a deeper look.

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